Watch Out for These Summer Oral Health Risks | Statesville Dentist

With summer fast approaching, it’s important to be aware of common issues that can threaten the health of your teeth. Below are some common dental issues to watch out for while you have fun this season.


One big health risk, and oral health risk, that tends to crop up in the summer is dehydration. The lack of adequate hydration can cause your mouth to stop producing as much as saliva, which helps control acidity and oral bacteria levels. In order to keep your teeth healthy as possible, remember to keep drinking enough fluids. One popular way to stay hydrated is to place a rubber band around the neck of your water bottle each time you empty it fully. This will help you keep track of how much water you are consuming per day.

Sugary Sweets

Summer means more time for pool parties; outdoor movie nights; bonfire celebrations and beach vacations. The drawback to all this summer fun is the amount of sugar that often accompanies it. If you don’t want to cut down on ice cream, popsicles, sugary drinks, and candy—and who can blame you?—at least be sure to brush and floss every day to get rid of the plaque and tartar on your teeth that love sugar, too. Also, while we’re on the subject, please don’t open beer bottles with your teeth. Please.

​Pool Injuries

When you consider all that concrete and tile, combined with the rough play and slippery surfaces, it’s no surprise that a significant number of dental emergencies happen at pools. You can minimize the chance of accidents by following basic pool safety rules, like no running, no diving, and no keeping clutter near the pool area. Be sure to always supervise kids, and have an adult present who can call 911.

Chlorine Damage

This is really only a matter of concern for competitive swimmers, or children who tend to spend all day, every day in the pool. People who spend six hours or more per week in the pool may see their teeth develop a yellow or brown tinge, caused by the high pH of chemically treated pool water. If you are using a public pool, look for signs that the chlorine is too high, such as damaged railings, ladders and lane dividers. If you begin to suspect chlorine is damaging your teeth, stop by a dentist for a tooth whitening treatment. Dental sealants can also help protect the teeth from chemical damage.

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