Understanding a Wisdom Tooth Extraction from Our Statesville Emergency Dentist  

I looked forward to having a wisdom tooth extraction!

You know that’s not true. It is true that some people don’t need their third molars extracted. But the worst experience would be ignoring a wisdom tooth that is starting to become sore or sensitive. If you simply keep up with regular dental checkups, a Statesville emergency dentist will be able to advise you on wisdom teeth removal.

How are wisdom teeth removed?
Most of the time an oral surgeon or your dentist can remove a wisdom tooth that is creating problems. The surgery may be done in a hospital under anesthesia if all four of the teeth need to come out at once or if you are an individual at risk for complications.

Should I have laughing gas or anesthesia for wisdom teeth removal?
This is a matter of personal choice, as you will not feel any pain due to local anesthesia. The anesthetic will completely numb the area. Remember that you will need a driver to take you home when the procedure is finished.

Will I be in a lot of pain when the anesthetic wears off?
Probably not. Each person reacts differently to a wisdom tooth extraction, so this is not predictable. Sometimes pain medication is prescribed, but often people get by very well with Tylenol or ibuprofen.

How long will the site bleed?
You will be given gauze to bite down on right after the extraction and to bite for 15-30 minutes if bleeding occurs again. This will make the bleeding slow and stop.

Will my face swell?
Yes. Remember that a tooth extraction is somewhat traumatic, and there will be tissue bruising because of it. Swelling doesn’t last long, about 48-72 hours. You may keep your head elevated and rest during that time. Ice packs will help bring the swelling down.

Can I eat something?
Yes, foods like soup or ice cream are fine, nothing hard or chewy. Cold foods like Jello are good. Don’t use a straw to drink, because the suction may remove the clot from a tooth and cause bleeding.

When will I be back to normal routines?
Avoid strenuous routines like hard work or the gym for the first week. In a couple of days, school or an ordinary work place will present no problems. Each person is different, so proceed at your own comfort pace.

Please contact our Statesville emergency dentist if you are having wisdom tooth soreness or pain.