Teeth Cleanings

Dental Cleanings with Our Statesville Family Dentist

While proper oral hygiene techniques can remove the majority of plaque and bacteria that builds up on your teeth, there are some areas that can only be accessed by a dental professional. For that reason, it’s important to stop by your Statesville dentist office for a dental cleaning at least twice a year. Below is more information about our dental cleaning services.

Your Dental Cleaning Experience

If you haven’t had a professional dental cleaning in a while, and are a little unsure of what to expect, there is no need to worry. Most dental cleanings are painless, routine procedures which will have you leave the office feeling shiny and new! A typical dental cleaning involves:

  • Plaque Removal: Our hygienists will use floss and dental tools to remove the plaque that is in and around your teeth.
  • Tartar Removal: Tartar is hardened plaque that is firmly attached to the tooth surface. Tarter forms both above and below the gum line, and can only be removed with special dental instruments.
  • Tooth Polishing: We will professionally polish your teeth to make them smooth, shiny, and plaque-free! This painless process also removes surface stains that might have built up on your teeth from items such as coffee.
  • Dental Exam: Dr. Schmidt will carefully check your teeth for signs of decay, and insure that previous restorations (like fillings) are functioning properly.

Schedule Your Next Appoint with Our Statesville Family Dentist

Our doors are always open to new patients. If you live in Stateville NC and need to schedule a tooth cleaning, please click here to fill out our easy appointment request form. We can’t wait to help you have a bright, clean smile.