Our Statesville NC Dentist Explains How Dental Restorations Can Improve Your Smile 

If you have missing or unattractive teeth, then it is time to schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. Today, there are fast and simple ways to improve smile lines with restorations such as:

  • Dental bridges
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental veneers

Depending on your mouth’s condition, a dentist can create an individualized plan to create a new smile and strong biting surface with an assortment of restorations. It is important to remember that undergoing dental procedures or getting a restoration is also about having a sturdy bite that allows you to consume a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables.

One: What is a Dental Crown?

When a tooth has severe damage to its exterior or there is inflammation deep inside the nerves and pulp, a dentist may need to make repairs or remove infection before attaching a dental crown. If you need a root canal, then the interior portion of the infected tooth is removed, and the natural tooth is filled with a durable material. After the material is inserted, your cosmetic dentist will place a custom-made dental crown over the tooth to protect its interior structures.

Two: Lightweight and Thin Custom-Made Covers for Your Front Teeth

Alternatively, dental veneers are thin and lightweight composite material or porcelain covers that are suitable for your front teeth. These items are customized to attach firmly with resins to front teeth that have stains, scratches or chips. The covers can also help to improve a smile by filling in gaps or spaces between teeth.

Three: What are Dental Bridges?

There are great ways to replace missing teeth with removable or fixed dental bridges. Your dentist will take X-rays of your mouth and complete a thorough visual examination to determine if this is the best way to create a normal smile line and biting surface. Each bridge is customized for a patient’s mouth to fill the gaps caused by one or more missing teeth with artificial teeth. In most cases, a bridge is attached with metal wires to other teeth in the mouth and is only removable by a dentist.

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