Improve Your Life & Restore Your Confidence with Dentures in Statesville!

We blame popular TV shows for giving dentures a bad rap. Years of scenes showing dentures popping out of characters’ mouths have no doubt given rise to the impression that dentures are a pitfall for embarrassment, liable to fall out at any time for comedic effect. 

In reality, properly-fitted dentures are at very low risk for falling out or even moving while a patient is talking, laughing, or chewing. In our Statesville dentist office, we’ve seen that, far from detracting from patients’ lives, dentures are a simple, cost-effective solution that totally transform their lives for the better. Keep reading to learn how. 

Speak with Confidence 

Patients who are missing some, or all, of their teeth often struggle to make themselves heard or understood. Certain teeth are instrumental in pronouncing certain syllables, and without them, you may have developed a lisp or other speech affect. Dentures help you speak and communicate clearly. If your speech impediment has caused you to become shy and non-talkative, dentures will reverse that effect, too!

Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

Nothing reminds you that you are missing teeth like trying to bite down on a crunchy apple, or chew through a delicious steak. With dentures, you will be able to eat pretty much anything you want (of course, you will still have to be careful with hard, sticky, and sugary foods, just as everyone else does.) One big benefit of dentures is that they result in an improved diet with more fiber. People who are missing teeth often lack fiber and nutrients, since they must stick to soft foods. 

Restore Your Confidence

Modern dentures have made vast improvements over the past few decades. While dentures used to be “fake-looking”, a result of using materials that were too opaque and “perfect”, today’s dentures are indistinguishable from natural teeth. The tooth-colored composite resin used to make dentures is transluscent, just like natural teeth. You will be able to smile and laugh knowing that the majority of people will not even be able to tell that you are using a dental prosthetic, unless you tell them! 

Improve Your Facial Appearance

One common effect of having missing teeth is that, without an underlying dental structure to support it, the face becomes “droopy” or “saggy.” This can cause the patient to appear older than they really are. Dentures will help preserve or restore your facial structure, so that you don’t just feel great, you look great, too! 

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