Have a Smile-Friendly Christmas with These Tips from our Statesville Dentist! 

If you’re like us, Christmas Day kicks off with candy canes and chocolate coins in our stockings, and continues with cookies, cakes, and hot chocolate late into the night. While all this sugar is great for making a festive holiday, it’s not so merry for your teeth! Below are some tips from our Statesville family dentist that can help you smile bright come January 1st

Choose Savory Snacks, Too    

Sugar is the #1 favorite food of the bacteria that live in our mouths. Once they eat it, they convert it into acid which destroys our enamel. That means that the less sugar you can consume, the better! Instead of cookies, candy, and soda, try to fill up on non-sweet snacks like cheese and crackers, salami slices, nuts, and veggies. Crunchy options can help clean your teeth in-between cookies (and will help you digest your Christmas meal better, too!) 

Set a Time Limit

It’s much better for your teeth to eat sweet stuff during a set period, rather than grazing throughout the day. Eating during a single meal or party period limits the amount of instances that your teeth are exposed to sugar. (For the same reason, it’s better to down a couple Cokes at lunch, than keep one on your desk that you sip on throughout the day—for your teeth, at least.)  

Provide Water 

The Christmas table is generally crowded with wine, beer, soda, and eggnog. Remember to have a carafe of water within easy reach, too. The water will help wash away any sticky, sugary residue that might remain on teeth, and it’s good for pretty much every other part of your body, too! 

Practice Moderation

Christmas treats are great, but don’t forget to also indulge in foods that will help your body absorb all of that sugar. Fill your plate with veggies and protein, then sit down with family and friends to enjoy the Christmas season! Exhibiting moderation will help your digestion and set a good example for kids sharing your table.  

Happy Holidays from Our Statesville Dentist Office!

Dr. Schmidt and the rest of our Statesville dental team hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season. Once the tree has been taken down and the last of the decorations have been packed away, we hope you will stop by our office so we can help you kick off the year with a fresh, clean smile! To schedule an appointment, click here.