Do I Really Need This Treatment? Top Red Flags of a Fraudulent Dentist 

The majority of dentists are ethical, responsible professionals. That’s not us being optimistic; it’s just common sense. It takes years for a dentist to obtain a license, and even more years to build up a solid reputation in their local community. With so much time spent and so much money invested, it would be very foolish for a dental practitioner to risk either by engaging in malpractice.

However, it’s also an unfortunate fact that there are dentists who decide to risk it all for a fatter wallet, and with so little oversight in the average dentist’s office, it’s hard to catch them at it. In today’s blog, our Statesville dentist explains some red flags of fraudulent dentistry, and how to find an honest and ethical dentist that will be a genuine partner in your oral health.

Urgency Without Any Details

It’s rare for a dental procedure to require treatment as quickly as possible. Unless you are in extreme pain (such as in the case of a dental abscess), you should be able to make it a week or two until an appointment. If a dentist tries to pressure you into getting an invasive treatment on the same day as a check-up, or even the same week, that’s a big red flag.

Multiple Procedures with No History of Poor Oral Health

This is where it’s handy to have a long record of going to the dentist and getting x-rays. Although we do become more prone to cavities as we age (due to certain medications and other factors), seeing a new dentist and learning you have multiple cavities, when you haven’t had one in years, is a case wherein you should request a second opinion. Unnecessary cavity drillings are one of the most common fraudulent treatments.

Not Showing You The Issue

After a dental exam that reveals some concerns, your dentist should always show you your X-Rays and point out the problem he or she is seeing. If the issue is above your jawline, they may also be able to use a mirror to show you the problem. Looking over X-Rays and discussing a treatment plan should be a team effort between you and the dentist. If you feel like you aren’t being shown evidence of decay or damage, seek a second opinion.

No Name on the Door

One great tip is to choose a clinic whose dentist has his or her name on the door. This implies personal ownership, which means that, reputation-wise, the dentist has a lot to protect because his or her name is literally on the line. It’s easy to hide behind a sign that says “Big Smiles Dental,” but a dentist who puts his or her own name out there is making themselves more subject to accountability.

Find an Ethical Dentist in Statesville NC

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