Dental X-Rays

Statesville Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays are a safe, medically-approved tool that give dentists an unprecedented understanding of our patients’ teeth. Thanks to dental X-Rays, we can see underlying dental issues that are invisible to the naked eye, such as cracks, tooth decay, and even beginning signs of oral tumors. Keep reading to learn more about our Statesville dental X-Ray services.

How Do Dental X-rays Work?

Dental X-rays, and all X-rays, work by emitting electromagnetic waves. Different tissues in the body absorb different amounts of electromagnetic radiation. The calcium in bones and teeth absorb the most radiation, so they appear white in the X-ray film. Fats and other tissues absorb less, so they appear gray.

How Much Radiation is in a Dental X-Ray?   

If a patient receives 4 bitewing X-rays, the standard for a routine dental exam, they will receive about 10 micro-Sieverts of radiation. In other words, when you receive a digital dental X-ray, you are receiving one day’s worth of natural radiation. This would be dangerous if you had an X-ray every day, which is why your dental hygienist will stand clear of the electromagnetic zone. However, if you only have two dental cleanings a year, the long-term benefits to your oral health greatly outweigh the risks.

If your dentist has decided to take an X-ray, it means that he or she has determined that the benefits of the X-ray outweigh the risks. Most medical organizations feel that as long as dentists provide lead aprons and lead collars, dental X-rays do not pose a serious threat.

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