Dental Implants

Statesville Dental Implants

If you are missing a tooth, a dental implant is an excellent way to restore your smile and jaw alignment. No other form of tooth replacement mimics the natural tooth structure so perfectly, while leaving the adjacent teeth untouched. Learn more about our Statesville dental implant services below.

The Dental Implant Treatment Process

The process of getting a dental implant requires several visits, with several weeks of healing in-between each one.

Step 1: Your dentist or oral surgeon will surgically place a titanium implant into your jawbone, essentially a tiny screw below the gum line. This will act as the artificial “root” of the tooth.

Step 2: Once the implant has been inserted, you will wait for 3-6 months for the jaw and gum tissue to regrow. The bone tissue will actually integrate with the implant, making it one with your natural jaw.

Step 3: You will return for another appointment, and your Statesville dentist will attach what is called a “post” or “dental abutment” to the implant. You might think of this as the scaffolding inside the new tooth’s crown.

Step 4: Once again, you will wait for the tissue to heal and grow up around the post, which should take a few weeks.

Step 5: You will return for your final procedure. The dentist will remove the gum tissue that has grown up around the post, and then attach a crown to it. The crown restoration will be identical in color and texture to the surrounding teeth.

After making some adjustments for bite and fit, you will be ready to head out the door with a tooth that is just as sturdy and stable—if not more so—than the old one!

Need Dental Implant Services in Statesville?

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